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003. el periodo especial: scarcity & famine

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

In this episode we sit down with Fryda's parents to talk about what the Periodo Especial was actually like.

Below is a list of links meant to be a visual companion to this episode, which was filled with references to objects, foods, franken-foods, and more!


05:10 - Libreta de Abastecimiento [Ration Booklet]

exterior of original libreta, 1962

interior of libreta, includes list of products, like oil and sugar

05:26 - Bodega Cubana [Cuban Store]

my happy and pretty store, a nearly empty bodega, 1991

line outside a bodega during the periodo especial

09:35 - Potaje de Chicharos ["chickpea" split pea soup]

potaje de chicharos

11:21 - Cerelac

nestle's cerelac product

12:15 - Cuban Bicycles

family on a bicicleta china, bicycle made in China

16:22 - Covered Wagon with Horse

no fuel meant returning to horse drawn carriages

18:28 - Coffee mixed with "chicharo" [split pea]

dark roast coffee, ground, mixed with split pea at 50%

18:34 - Picadillo de Cascara de Platano [Plantain Peel Ground "meat"]

ground "meat" made from plantain peel

18:50 - Bistec de Cascara de Toronja [Grapefruit Peel Steak]

"steak" from grapefruit rind

19:03 - Picadillo de Soya [Soy Ground "Beef"]

unseasoned picadillo de soya

19:48 - Picadillo [Cuban Ground Beef]

cuban picadillo with olives, rice, and platanitos maduros

21:37 - Cerelac Song by Punto y Coma

video of javier, singer of punto y coma, performing the "cerelac" song

22:56 - Bistec de Frasada de Piso [Mop Cloth "Steak"]

parody video of this meal

23:00 - Pizza with Condom Cheese

pizza de condon

28:42 - Neuropathy Epidemic

incidences of neuropathy by region of cuba, 1994

34:37 - Trinidad, Cuba

palacio cantero view of trinidad

35:57 - White Dress Mami wore to Hospital

actual white dress fryda's mami wore and ruined!

36:16 - Cuban Hospitals

tweet below showing modern cuban hospitals with images

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